Achieving productive and impactful conversations

Talk is the primary way in which people and organisations make things happen. And yet we rarely pay any attention to the way in which we use our voice and the impact we have. We are more successful when we do.

When it comes to communicating and interacting with others – what is your reputation? How well do you listen and explore others’ opinions and positions? How clear are you when you express your own? How well do you get things done and make things happen through others?

VoicePrint enables you to visualise and understand the way you talk, how you are heard by others and the impact you have. It shines a light on the habitual patterns you have and the strengths and limitations of those patterns. Most valuable of all, it enables rapid, practical improvement in your communication and interaction and ultimately in what you can achieve with others.

Becoming Talk-Wise: Programmes tailored to you and your organisation’s needs

VoicePrint process diagram.

We have developed a series of short, experiential workshops to sharpen the effectiveness and impact of your communication and interaction with others. Focussed around common challenges, our delegates make simple changes with immediate results in the following areas:

  • leading productive meetings

  • handling difficult conversations

  • understanding team dynamics

  • effective decision making

  • making their voice count

  • collaboration and creativity

Becoming an Accredited VoicePrint Practitioner

VoicePrint’s two day accreditation training places an emphasis on experiential learning and working with practice clients to develop your confidence in using this unique approach. As a VoicePrint Master Practitioner, I am certified to deliver accredited practitioner courses. See my VoicePrint Practitioner Profile.

The dates for the next accreditation training are:

Spring 2019: 14th March and 2nd May
Autumn 2019: 26th September and 7th November


“I have been on many development workshops in my career – good workshops generate tangible actions to implement. Excellent workshops uncover and challenge the fundamental group beliefs and values that determine the success of such actions. Liz’s ability to create a safe and reflective environment meant that my whole team left this workshop with newfound insights into our values alongside actions to enhance our operational effectiveness.”  - Operations Director, International Charity

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