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My purpose is to enable my clients to be the best they can be, whatever the circumstances or challenges they currently face. My focus is on building open and transparent relationships with my clients to enable them to explore what is holding them back. I help them reconnect with their values and strengths and develop actions to move themselves forward.


Coaching – giving yourself time to think is a challenge in our busy lives. Coaching enables you to pause and reflect and connect to your strengths, build your resilience and try out new approaches and skills to move you forward.

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Leadership and Team Development

My approach to developing leaders is based on a belief that coaching is a vital skill for all leaders. This coaching approach, combined with a focus on open and honest dialogue, provides a powerful framework for teams and individuals to develop their skills.

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VoicePrint is a unique approach to having productive and impactful conversations. We rely on our conversations and interactions with others to enable us to achieve the outcomes we are seeking both at work and in our personal lives.

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Liz’s coaching style put me in the driving seat for analysing and finding solutions to the challenges I was facing. I have more confidence in myself in my Board position and in disagreeing with and challenging our CEO. Liz’s creative approach enabled me to step back and gain different perspectives and I have been able to use this approach for myself outside the coaching.
— Engineering Director, Logistics
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